Benefits of Laravel

August 2020 | John Binzak
Laravel is a popular PHP framework, learn about some of the benefits.


When determining which framework to use for your PHP app, Laravel is an option that deserves serious consideration. It is the most starred PHP framework and Github. Why is Laravel so popular? It gives developers a great set of tools to build websites and web apps faster, and more reliably. Let's look at the top benefits of Laravel.


When creating a web app, one of the first items developers think about is user security. We need to be able to prevent unauthorized visitors from gaining access to important resources. Laravel makes implementing user authentication very simple. You can configure almost everything with a few commands.


Email notifications are expected with modern web apps. Whether it is use your registration verification or a new comment on your post, email notifications are typically sent. Laravel provides a simple API for notifications. SMTP email is very common in web apps because it is the typical protocol used for services like AWS or Gmail. Laravel makes this connection very easy. It also makes notifications with tools such as slack very easy.

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Fast Development

When developing anything, developers typically need a storage solution. Using a data cache is a popular tool for making a web app faster. Laravel supports popular cache tools such as Redis. By default, Laravel is configured to use the file cache driver.

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Common Vulnerabilities

The security of a web app is debatably the most important aspect. Users typically don't want to use a web app where their data is stolen. Some of the most critical application security vulnerabilities are SQL injection, cross site request forgery, and cross site scripting. These are all additional work items for developers and they take away time from developing new features. Laravel helps developers with these types of issues. It comes with out of the box solutions for the most serious security items such as SQL injection.

Exception Handling

Handling user exceptions and errors is an important consideration for web apps. If a user cannot accomplish anything due to errors then your web app becomes essentially useless. Bugs and errors are going to occur, however Laravel makes it easier to handle errors. Powerful log tools make it easier to debug issues. Custom handling allows developers to improve user experiences.

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Automated Testing

Without testing how can a developer now that their web app is working properly? Of course the developer can manually test each function and feature, however that becomes a huge time consuming effort. Automated testing allows for a better quality application. It also saves and enormous amount of time for developers. Laravel makes testing a priority. PHP unit is included with every new project. This allows for developers to create test as they create features. Regression testing can then be performed before each deployment.

URL Routing

In the web app developers need to route URLs to their respective functions. When I go to /register I need to see the registration view. With Laravel routes are easy. With a single file, developers can define all of the routes. This makes development and debugging very fast and efficient. No need to search multiple files to determine which logic is being performed for a given URL.

Logic Organization

With Laravel it is easy to organize code. We can separate model definitions, controller logic, and HTML. This is typically known as MVC, model view controller design pattern. Laravel utilizes this design patter, making it efficient for teams of developers to work on the same project.

Task Scheduling

Most modern web apps have a recurring functions for their users. For example, a web app could send automatic report emails at the end of each week. Laravel makes it easy to not only schedule tasks at any given frequency but also makes it easier to manage. Opposed to creating a entry for each task on the server, the developer creates all of the task entries within the project. This makes scaling new servers very easy.


Possibly the most important benefit of Laravel is the community behind it. Developers always run into issues and unanswered questions. However with extensive documentation and a community of developers, most if not all questions are answered. Whether it is on the Laravel site or StackOverflow, answers are easy to find.

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When building a web app, developers need to spend most of their time on making important features and Laravel helps them do so. Many developers agree that Laravel is the premier PHP web app framework, however there are many other PHP frameworks. It is important to consider the context of your application and your development team before deciding on a framework. Hopefully now you have a basic understanding of some of the benefits of Laravel and will consider it for your next web application